A culture of sustainability

A culture of sustainability

Empowering its employees in a diverse and inclusive environment is a core component of Quintet’s corporate sustainability strategy. It is one of the four pillars of an enhanced approach to sustainability that aims to benefit the firm’s clients, its people and the communities it serves.
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Why is Quintet putting added focus on sustainability?

Christophe Callens, Head of HR: "It is a response to the evolving expectations of our clients and staff. Both the families we serve and the people who drive our success expect us to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in our decision-making. That is our responsibility to all our stakeholders, including future generations. This is the clear message from our client advisor teams; it is also what we hear in HR, where we are focused on listening to the organisation. Delivering sustaina-bility therefore requires a holistic approach to ensure everyone can contribute to the achievement of our shared goals. Our corporate sustaina-bility strategy provides a framework in this regard, helping each individual and team put ESG principles at the heart of every decision, no matter how large or small. In HR, we contribute to building this culture. That includes how we approach recruitment but is much broader than that: we have a responsibility to foster a diverse and inclusive environment, where every employee can contribute to Quintet becoming the most trusted fiduciary of family wealth".

How do you define sustainability for your organisation?

Giulia Bruni Roccia, Head of Corporate Sustainability: "We seek to achieve our long-term growth ambitions in a way that benefits our clients, our people and the communities we serve, including the planet we all share. This requires making choices to ensure our focus is on the most relevant, impactful areas. As a private bank, we must engage with a diverse range of stakeholders when making such choices. That includes clients and staff, governance bodies and regulators, local communities and many others. Our four-pillar corporate sustainability strategy was defined on such a basis of engagement and consultation. That strategy, which embeds our commitment to combatting climate change, will be introduced this summer."

What actions does Quintet take to promote sustainability?

Giulia Bruni Roccia: "One example is our core belief that diversity is a source of strength. Our embrace of diversity contributes to a corporate culture that prizes collaboration and fosters growth. Our International Women’s Day activities in early March are a good example of how we celebrate and encourage diversity: our own Luxembourg Women’s Network facilitated a special speaker and networking event for all our people, including women and men, on the theme of female empowerment; we launched a new mentorship programme for female staff; hosted a special breakfast for female colleagues; and organised a clothing drive to support Dress for Success Luxembourg, a non-profit organisation."

How do you achieve buy-in from across the organisation?

Christophe Callens: "This year, we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the founding of Quintet. This milestone is a wonderful opportunity to build on our legacy, including by recognising our heritage, our existing strengths and the areas where we must continue to achieve progress. Whether an employee has been with us for just a few months or more than 30 years, everyone is encouraged to contribute their experience and perspective. At Quintet, our people are the foundation of our culture of sustainability."

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Our journey towards corporate sustainability
Integrating environmental, social and governance matters at the heart of our business.
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