Whoever you are, your wants, needs and desires are unique. By taking the time to establish what is really important to you, our dedicated specialists will accompany you in defining your optimal wealth structure to help you achieve your goals.

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At Quintet, we seek to deliver a tailor-made experience adapted to our clients’ profiles and needs. We pay outstanding attention to your personal situation, and, supported by our strong pan-European expertise in private banking for over 70 years, are able to propose a proportionate mix of product and solutions to your situation, both current and future.  


After a lifetime of hard work, maybe it’s time to take a step back and reap the rewards. Optimisation of your existing wealth through growth and diversification are on your mind. Whether it be in auditing your investment portfolios, analysis of tax gains and losses, increasing or decreasing diversification in your retirement funds, Quintet is beside you and supports you.


Exiting or selling your business resulting in an increased liquidity of assets at your disposal at a given moment needs to be planned for. In order to avoid unexpected surprises or hurried decisions, the key is to prepare and analyse different alternatives to your investment planning. This will require a clear view on future professional and personal projects as these aspects will be determinant in your next steps.


Estate and inheritance planning is complex as it is often looked upon as a topic “off limits” within families. However, reluctance to plan around this generates precarity and incoherence in long-term solutions. It is essential to think and plan, taking a long-term view, in order to preserve and enhance the family’s wealth over generations.


Over one’s lifetime we encounter events in both our personal and professional lives that require financing to support our end-goals and projects. At Quintet we offer loans, cash flow facilities or bank guarantees.


Benefit from a wealth management style aligned with your investor profile. Quintet has an offer for diverse investment profiles. Our Investment Office research & analysis provides support covering our wide range of investment types and asset classes including equities, fixed income, bonds, cash, collectives, alternatives and structured products.

Wealth planning & structuring
Quintet accompanies you in structuring, preserving and protecting your wealth. We advise you
on investment planning from educational and other life events to retirement savings plans.

National authorities and cybersecurity experts report that the cybercrime rate in Europe is now very high, due to the tense geopolitical situation. 

We would like to remind you to be cautious and to remember that Quintet will never ask you to share personal information (such as personal registration codes, passwords or credit card numbers) via e-mail, text message or on the phone. 

If you receive such a request from Quintet, or any other message from the bank that appears suspicious, please do not open that e-mail, nor click on any links or attachments. 

If you have any doubts, please contact your client adviser, using the normal communication channels.