Single Family Office

Single Family Office

We help you to think, organize and plan every aspect of your clients wealth management.

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You manage life’s complexities

As a private wealth management advisory firm that serves ultra-high-net-worth individuals (HNWI), you must deliver a total solution to managing the financial and investment needs of an affluent individual or family such as budgeting, insurance, charitable giving advice, wealth transfer planning, tax services and sometimes handle non-financial issues. You may also develop governance and how it can improve the longevity of family wealth.

Your unique goals, challenges and ambitions need a solid and highly qualified banking partner to get on the right track.

Let us be your essential banking partner  

At Quintet, we support families in designing, building and managing their family office by providing advice, insights and resources on a range of topics related to family business ownership. Our teams deliver experience and expertise to help families establish a robust family governance framework, prepare for succession and engage the next generation. 

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Our dedicated services for family offices  

The single family offices are a flexible representative of the families they are working with and come with different needs to Quintet. At quintet we are equipped to serve a diverse panel of requests and offer:

  • Wealth Planning and Protection
  • Investment Management
  • Credit Solutions
  • Banking Services

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