More than 60 years of experience and knowledge in financial markets.


More than 60 years of experience and knowledge in financial markets

Kredietbank Luxembourg (KBL, the former name of Quintet Private Bank) was founded in 1949 and since then has provided financial support to industry, commerce and the public sector in the Grand Duchy.
The Luxembourg financial centre developed quite rapidly, and Quintet played an active part in financial markets.
Here are some key dates.
First bond issue
KBL issues the first international bond loan in European Currency Units – a basket of currencies used by the European community as the unit of account before being replaced by the euro. KBL then frequently operates as a lead and co-lead manager for bank operations in the euro market.

First international loan denominated in US dollars
The Interest Equalization Tax is introduced, along with export restrictions imposed by American authorities, creating the perfect opportunity for KBL to increase its areas of operation. This year sees KBL’s first international loan denominated in US dollars.
Financial holding company introduced
Initiated by KBL, the Luxembourg authorities allow for the creation of “financial holding companies,” a structure that facilitates the funding of numerous international industrial groups via Eurobonds.

KBL engages in Eurobond trading
KBL begins playing an important role in the organization of the secondary Eurobonds market. It also becomes involved in the development and implementation of a settlement system for transactions in Europe.
Founding of CEDEL
In 1970, KBL participates in the foundation of CEDEL (Centrale de Livraison Neutre et Indépendant), a securities clearing company that allows professionals to trade Eurobonds quickly and efficiently.

First-place ranking in Eurobond issues
KBL strengthens its role as an issuer of Eurobonds. In 1974, its lead and co-lead managers are ranked number one for Eurobond issues.
First ECU loan granted
KBL is at the forefront of the implementation of the ECU, a new European currency. It is the first bank to grant a loan in ECU, for an Italian telecommunications company.

Launch of Global Investor Services
KBL's Global Investor Services department is launched to provide financial services and investment solutions to meet the specific needs of institutional and professional investors. Kredietbank Luxembourg (KBL) is rebranded KBL European Private Bankers (KBL epb). The new name and logo reflect the bank's pan-European vision and local roots.
KBL epb rebranded as Quintet Private Bank
KBL European Private Bankers changes its name to Quintet Private Bank, reflecting a deep, positive and ongoing change process, informed by new strategic priorities. Quintet markets teams (Market Execution, Global Structured Solutions, Treasury) play a key role here, with a strategy focused on client needs.

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