We provide financing for your needs including real
estate operation, asset acquisition, family transmission.

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Whatever the purpose of your loan

Quintet helps you to build your investment project and to find a strategy that best serves your overall wealth plan.

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Refurbish your main property
or acquire a secondary property

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Get projects off the ground 
or finalise ongoing projects

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Helping you finance lifestyle purchases

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Feed your passion (fine art, 
sports team or venue)  

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Obtain short-term 

Common lending solutions

Portfolio loan

Finance any of your projects while safeguarding the performance targets of your investment portfolios OR simply leverage your financial investments for better results.

Residential real estate loan

Tailor-made solutions for financing your real estate investments as part of your overall wealth management strategy.

Commercial real estate loan

Working together to strike the perfect balance between financing your commercial real estate investment projects and allocating your financial investments.

Combined solution

Bespoke solutions for complex cases. With your needs and parameters as the starting point, we work together to design a loan optimized for your financial position and plans.

You choose the most suitable lending option

Quintet proposes a broad range of lending options to suit your borrowing needs.

Overdraft is a facility provided by the bank through which you can borrow up to a certain sum once the account balance reaches zero. Quintet levies interest or an overdraft fee on the borrowed amount, and the money is to be returned within stipulated time frames.
Fixed-term advance
A fixed-term advance is a business loan that offers a stable interest rate throughout the term of the loan. It can help your company meet its cash-flow and spending needs.
Fixed-term advance
Amortising loan
An amortising loan comes with fixed periodic payments that cover both the principal and interest portions of the loan.
Amortising loan
Revolving credit
Revolving credit is a type of loan that gives you access to a set amount of money. You can access money until you’ve borrowed up to the maximum amount, also known as your credit limit.
Revolving credit
Bank guarantee
A bank guarantee is a type of financial backstop offered by a lending institution. The bank guarantee means that the lender will ensure that the liabilities of a debtor will be met. In other words, if the debtor fails to settle a debt, the bank will cover it.
Bank guarantee
Lending Structures

Portfolio (Lombard) Lending 

Whether it is short-term liquidity – required to capitalise on an investment opportunity – or a longer-term option for an asset purchase, we can offer flexible financing solutions that address your specific needs. A portfolio (or Lombard) loan uses your investment portfolio as security for your loan, enabling your investment strategy to remain untouched.

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We have solutions for a wide range of property purchases including residential, buy to let or commercial, on Interest Only or Capital Repayment terms. Our lending specialists will advise you on the most suitable solution.  

Short-term Loans 

We are able to accommodate short-term arrangements including bridging loans, overdrafts or lending for a specific purpose and our integrated approach means these can often be arranged against existing funds already under our management. 

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