Innovation:<br>The power of partnerships

The power of partnerships

Through continuous collaboration and innovation, Quintet cultivates a dynamic ecosystem that drives superior client outcomes and fosters long-term relationships built on trust and performance.

Building powerful partnerships to better serve its clients is part of Quintet Private Bank’s DNA. Quintet’s 2023 cooperation agreements with BlackRock and Moonfare are in line with this approach, supporting the bank’s investment capabilities as it builds portfolios that meet its clients’ needs.

Quintet works with well over 50 asset managers worldwide, but its cooperation agreement with BlackRock is uniquely important. “Working with BlackRock enhances our reach, efficiency and flexibility, supporting our ability meet the long-term investment needs of each client we serve,” said Ilario Attasi, Head of Investment & Client Solutions, Luxembourg, and Group Head of Client Investment Specialists at Quintet Private Bank. “It reflects our ability to leverage our open-architecture approach to offer clients a wider range of innovative products as part of a diversified portfolio.” 

As the world’s largest asset manager, BlackRock is recognized for its investment insight and organizational efficiency. This cooperation agreement, covering multiple regions, is contributing to the full investment value chain across Quintet, spanning the definition of Quintet’s capital market assumptions to portfolio implementation. This enables Quintet to tap into dedicated pools of expertise, providing access to investment tools, trade sizing, portfolio analytics, products and solutions. 

Blend of experience

“Client relationships are always at the heart of everything we do,” said Mr Attasi. “In May 2024, we will mark the 75th anniversary of our founding in Luxembourg. We take pride in being recognized as a leading private bank here in the Grand Duchy and across Europe and the UK. Our heritage sets us apart, as do our close relationships with the families we serve and the time we dedicate to them. We understand their aspirations, which is why we retain full control over investment decision-making when working with any partner. In this regard, BlackRock provides world-leading technology, products and risk-management solutions that enhance our ability to deliver robust client outcomes, superior client experience and ongoing investment innovation. 

“Since the signing of our cooperation agreement last year, we have benefited from additional economies of scale that we can pass on to our clients, reflecting BlackRock’s negotiating power with asset managers,” Mr Attasi added.

This relationship thus aims to generate significant long-term benefits for Quintet clients. 

Innovative partnership

“BlackRock is recognized for the depth and quality of its investment expertise, and the advice they provide on our asset-allocation strategy supports our ability to deliver performance for our clients,” Mr Attasi added. This support includes selecting and monitoring third-party managers, which allows Quintet to offer its clients access to a broader universe of investment opportunities. 

While focused on the delivery of investment alpha for Quintet’s high-net-worth individual clients and the family offices it serves, the relationship supports the entire investment value chain. “Our cooperation also covers the selection of instruments, governance and the deployment of processes,” said Mr Attasi.

Quintet teams work closely with their BlackRock counterparts on an ongoing basis. This work is overseen by Quintet’s own investment committee, which reviews and fine tunes the approach. Alongside access to BlackRock’s advice,Quintet will use Aladdin, BlackRock’s proprietary investment technology platform, for its risk analytics and reporting.

As well as being a state-of-the-art tool for managing risk, it also facilitates reporting related to Quintet’s funds and discretionary solutions.
Enhanced investment opportunities

When it comes to private markets, Quintet announced last autumn an investment partnership with Berlin-headquartered Moonfare, giving suitable clients access to an end-to-end digital investment platform offering top-tier private-market funds – initially focusing on private equity and infrastructure strategies – selected and approved by Quintet.

“This platform provides our clients and client advisors with a wealth of tools and information  related to private markets,” said Mr Attasi, noting that this includes product information, paperless subscriptions client reporting, and portfolio analytics. 

This is yet another example of how Quintet’s open-architecture approach facilitates partnerships with best-in-class specialists to enrich overall client experience – in this case,  enhancing its alternative-investment proposition, making private-market investing more accessible and efficient for its clients.

“Our organizational agility allows us to be innovative and open to the best products and advice available anywhere. Our clients appreciate the difference we can make through our relationships with firms such as BlackRock and Moonfare.”

Want to know more about our partnerships?

Together with BlackRock

We have worked with BlackRock to provide our clients with a broad range of exclusive solutions across a large number of asset classes.

Our clients now benefit from more sophisticated risk management and analysis tools.


The power of partnerships

This article was originally published in the April 2024 Paperjam Grands Dossiers.
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