A global approach to ensure my future and that of my family

Whether you have decided to enjoy life or to start a new project, you must be able to rely on sound advice for your investments.
Make my private assets grow
Make my private assets grow
At Quintet Luxembourg, we care for our clients as if they were members of our own family. Consequently, we care for their wealth with as much regard as our own.

Our global and personalized approach is characterized by our desire to master risks totally while maximizing opportunity.
Transmit my heritage
As a client, your banking experience is based on a long-term, one-to-one relationship with a private banker who will listen to your needs, wishes and experiences before providing open, independent solutions that are structured around you.
Transmit my heritage
Finance my projects
Finance my projects
We focus on providing our clients with a banking experience fully adapted to each individual profile.

As a client, you will receive the best tailor-made financial solutions supported by local and pan-European expertise.
Anticipate and optimize my retirement
Whether through an appropriate will clause, life insurance policy, breaking up of property, gift or residuary bequest, we will ensure the security of your assets today and for generations to come.

Our clients come to us with a range of specific financial wishes as diverse as each of their lives. Our goal is to ensure that, as a client, you are financially prepared during times of transition, whether foreseen or unexpected.
Develop my professional heritage
After an in-depth analysis of your needs and personal situation, we help with the legal and fiscal aspects of structuring your wealth from an international perspective. You can rely on our experience, specialists and local/global partners to pick and choose from a range of solutions that best suit your needs.

Let's talk about it together

Come and present your projects and share your ambitions: we can together look for the best solutions to achieve your financial goals.

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Thanks to responsible investment, everyone can contribute in the long term to sustainable development.
At Quintet Luxembourg private banker, we care for our clients as if they were members of our own family. Consequently, we care for their wealth with as much regard as our own.
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Our engagements

Our private bankers are at your side; at any time, wherever you are and what your needs are.

Our teams support you proactively thanks to the support of a decision center established in Luxembourg.

Our teams will offer you a customizable and tailor-made solution that best meets your priorities and objectives.